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FAQ - The Wine Factory

  • Who designs my label and back label?
    We have a great team of designers. We will design your exclusive label and back label 100% legit.
  • Can I have a back label in my language which complies with the law of my country?
    Yes of course, we can do back label in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean... You just need to give us your requirements and some information.
  • I already have my own design, can you use it? "
    Yes we can. As long as you have the AI and that you own the copyright on the design, we can print and stick your label
  • Can I change the bottle shape or cardboard box?
    Yes, all the packaging can be changed according to your needs. If you need a heavy bottle or a carving bottle or a capsule with your brand name, we can do it! Sky is the limit. Ask us our dry material catalog.
  • Can I have a price list?
    We know it can be weird but we never send price list! We only work according to your project that we need to define together: which wine profile? which packaging? which quantity? Then we will establish a quotation. Our prices are super competitive but we need to keep it a bit confidential.
  • Can you do CIF prices?
    Yes we can do ex works, CFR and CIF prices

Avec TWF, développer votre marque de distributeur (MDD vin) devient facile !

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